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Radio Systems Hire - Wireless Systems Hire

Radio systems are available to cover a wide range of applications, with many specialised products. Concert-System's experience will ensure that you get the right equipment to be able to move with the total freedom of a wireless microphone system without any loss of sound quality. We can supply multi-channel radio systems of up to 30 channels, ideal for theatre and concert shows. For live music and bands we can also supply wireless instrument systems and In Ear Monitoring (IEM) systems.

Our hire equipment is from industry-standard manufacturers such as AKG, Audio-Technica, Beyer, Sennheiser, Shure and Trantec. We supply bodypack transmitters, handheld transmitters, receivers and microphones. Radio mic options include handheld, headworn, instrument and lavalier.

Wireless systems are available for dry hire, or delivered with an engineer to install and operate.

All equipment complies with UK licensing laws, in particular the Wireless Telegraphy Act, to ensure that only the correct frequencies are used, and to avoid the risk of interference.

To discuss the relative merits of UHF systems or VHF systems; single diversity, twin diversity, true diversity or frequency-agile radio systems, give us a call. With a wide range of hire stock we can supply the most suitable wireless system. For more information please call us on +44(0)161 900 4349, or email the Hire Department. Although Manchester based we can provide equipment throughout the UK and Europe.


Some typical applications:




Multi-channel systems up to 30 channels for indoor or outdoor productions. Operas, plays, pantomimes and school productions, with sound systems also supplied if required. Flesh-coloured lavalier headworn microphones give high-quality voice pickup, and industry-standard products ensure reliability.




Multi-channel systems for bands and live music shows. Wireless instrument systems for guitarists, wind and brass players allow freedom of movement for the musicians, and wireless In Ear Monitoring (IEM) systems allow vocalists unrestricted movement onstage.


Public meetings


Whilst fixed microphones may suffice for the platform speakers, the ability to use roving radio microphones in the audience ensures all questions from the public will be clearly heard by everyone.


Product demonstration


Headset or lavalier radio microphone systems are ideal for in-store product demonstrations, leaving the speaker hands-free to show off the product. With lightweight active speakers, a loud and clear system can be easily transported and set up in a few minutes.


Sporting events


From a simple radio microphone for interviews and introductions on the pitch, to a headset system for a demonstrator at a show-jumping event, Concert Trade can ensure you get the right equipment for the job. We can hire radio systems suitable for linking referees, linesmen and officials, and even to connect racing drivers to their pit crew.


Aerobics & Dance


Special rugged headset microphones are able to withstand active use and still deliver clear speech. Ideal for aerobics and keep-fit classes, as well as dance lessons etc. where the teachers can be as active as they like. Paired with lightweight active speakers, a versatile system can be set up anywhere in minutes.


Fixed links


Radio systems have important applications where it is not possible to run wired connections. Paging systems and emergency voice-evacuation systems may need to be linked from one building or area to another where there is no other means of connection, for example across railway lines or over water. For a temporary installation radio systems prevent the need for laying underground cables between buildings, or where there is limited access.

Concert-Systems have been involved in many situations where the use of a wireless system has been the ideal solution. We have even supplied radio systems to the Ministry of Defence (MoD) to provide paging systems in military barracks where the use of underground cabling could pose a security risk.


Mobile links


For situations where people are on the move, wireless systems solve many problems. Security or warehouse staff can keep in touch, and again there are military applications. We have used radio microphones to transmit the music of marching bands.


Tour guide systems


Tour guide systems are designed specifically for guided tours in factories, museums, city tours etc. New digital systems are resistant to interference, a major benefit in a noisy environment.

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